Derek character design part 2

Derek started life as a short fellow. I hadn’t seen many game characters created with a fairly loose pastel style. Everyone seems very smooth these days. So I took a Photoshop brush, modified it slightly, and went to work. Here’s a young del boy.


Influences, influences. “It’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to.” I think Jean luc-godard said that. Not sure. Anyway it was mostly subconscious doodling that created Derek, but somewhere at the back of my brain Groucho Marx maybe became confused with a carrot, a missing member of the cast of Sesame Street plus a Dachshund.

Derek recipe

Groucho Marx...

…add a pinch of The Muppets...

...a healthy carrot…

…a meaty Dachshund...

…and if you stir it all together, you should end up with Derek. Handsome fellow. Could do with feeding though.


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