29 December 2013

Derek character design part 1

Derek was just one of many ‘odd dogs’ I sketched, not sure why, just followed my pencil as a I drew over 100 of them. As you can see they came in all shapes and sizes.


I think it became an exercise in pushing shapes in slightly recognisable ways, looking for unique ‘characters’.


And one of these characters happened to be Derek. He’s at the bottom right of the sketches below. Big nose, ‘tin tin’ hairline, floppy ears.


He eventually morphed into a more ‘adult’ dog character. More of a ‘runner’ type dog. But still with a large appetite, and belly to match.




A game which I hope to have published in 2014, features a dog called Derek and his appetite for dog snacks and treats. It’s a simple ‘tap and jump’ ‘endless runner’ type game. Just avoid various obstacles and eat anything edible. Earn points to progress to unlock the next level etc etc.

I’ll upload artwork and animation from the game as it progresses throughout 2014. It should be playable on various tablets and smart phones (Apple/Android devices).

Here’s our hero. As you can see he’s quite orange. Maybe too many carrots?


More soon….