Hide and Seek gameHide and Seek
A puzzle game

Uncover the truth, to bury the past…

Solve a mysterious disappearance from a past forgotten in the minds and graves of others.

Use your resolve to solve puzzles. Collect clues along your way.

Wander along paths and trails of a forgotten England.


  • A puzzle game
  • A point and click adventure game
  • Lots of puzzles to solve
  • Over 100 scenes to explore
  • An interactive map as you journey through the game
  • A hint system

System requirements;
iOS device running OS 9 or later
Android device running 4.1 or later

Available on;





chowhound screen capChowHound
Like most dogs Derek will do anything for food. But in ChowHound, Derek just has to run and jump for his dinner…well mostly dog snacks and treats. Simply swipe the screen up or down to make Derek jump, eat anything that looks edible, and earn points to unlock more levels / food treats. Don’t make a ‘Dogs Dinner’ of it!

Just click on one of the links below to download and play the game.