Two watercolour character sketches for a picture book project I’m working on called ‘The Cleaning Station‘.

First a tiny character called a Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse fish (bit of a mouthful, maybe literally?). Living somewhere nice and warm, maybe a coral reef in the Pacific. Rather than a goldfish bowl…Drawn in pencil, painted in watercolour, with added coloured pencil for detail. Just a sketchbook sketch.

Second a very large fish called a Potato Cod, or Grouper. These can grow rather large. I think it’s called a Potato Cod because it possibly resembles a potato, rather than being a potato eater. As we’ll see it rather likes the taste of other fish.

Here he is. A rather ugly sort. Again drawn in pencil, painted in watercolour with added colour pencil for detail.

I think I still need to work on the colours and design. Will post more sketches of these two soon…